To say Chelsea's professional resume is extensive, electic, and wide ranging is an understatement. Before she starting singing professionally, she spent 15 years working independently, producing, managing, or coordinating a variety of film and video commercials, corporate, training and feature films, and industrials. Some credits include: Chattanooga Visitors Bureau, Covenant Health and its Affiliates, Coca-Cola & Cracker Barrel, CTI, Dollywood, DIY, Edfinancial Services, FEMA, Gatlinburg Department of Tourism, Goody's Family Clothing, HGTV,  The Knoxville Zoo, Radio Systems Corporation, Buckley Marketing (Chicago), the Oh! Network, TN Department of Tourism, Wellmont Health Systems (Tri-Cities), nTelos Wireless.

She's had professional training in voice, dance, acting, and piano and has starred in numberous productions, such as The Fantastics, The Wizard of Oz, Faust, Music Man, Hello Dollly, Emperor's New Clothes, Alice in Wonderland, Zooview, and Siamese Twins. She has performed at The White House, The Kennedy Center, Disneyworld, Wolf Trap, The Bijou, and has even toured Japan.

She currently sings for 3 bands. Soul Connection is a 11 piece wedding/special event band that has been dazzling audiences for years. Soul ReVue is a new band she has recently put together with Jamie Meade. Full of sass and soul!  

She is now applying her enormous talent to Mighty Blue, singing her brand of blues, soul, and funk.


Joel Seaton has been playing bass for over 25 years, recording his first album before he was out of high school. By the time he finished college he had played everything from rock, blues, and funk, to metal, jazz, and classical.

After college he moved to New Orleans and spent several years absorbing the sounds and rhythms of that influential city. When Katrina hit in 2005, Joel was forced to evacuate and ended up relocating to Knoxville where he began incorporating the sounds of East Tennessee into his repertoire.

 Joel has provided the foundation for Knoxville's own Sam Lewis and the Whipperwills and  also lays down the funk for one of the area's premiere Soulbands, Soulfinger, as well as playing bass and singing for the ubiquitous James Seaton.

Since 2009, Joel has been the rock  of Mighty Blue, laying down a solid foundation to build some funky, soulful, blues grooves on.

Joel plays a Deluxe 5 string Fender Jazz bass through a Mesa Boogie Buster 200 amp.


Dave Eckman is a performing artist for the Antigua Winds Saxophone company. 
With influences from great saxophonists like Marc Russo and Lenny Pickett in his playing, he is one of the most in-demand sax players in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Dave frequently plays around the southeastern US with funk, soul, rock, and blues bands, but also has a background in classical music. He's performed works by Ibert, Milhaud, Maurice, Glazounov, and others with various symphonies across Florida.

Dave has been playing the saxophone for more than 30 years and holds a bachelor's degree in music from the University of South Florida. His classical instructor was James Bishop. 
His main projects are Mighty Blue, City Limit, Jaystorm, and Soulfinger.

Dave teaches saxophone at the Music Arts school in Oak Ridge and is currently serving as the executive director of the Oak Ridge Arts Council (ACOR). ACOR is one of the oldest art councils in Tennessee and promotes the arts in Oak Ridge.

Dave plays custom Antigua Winds Saxophones.


Born in Ft. Lauderdale, Bob received his first drum kit from his older brother at age 6. His first pro gigs were at age 15. He has done studio work, and performed in various bands playing standards, shows, jazz, blues, and rock for over 40 years. Jazz notables he has played with are Duffy Jackson, Othello, and Randy Bernsen, all of whom collaborated with Jaco Pastorious. He was a “pick up” drummer in the 80's for the 50′s group the Platters. Other national artists he has performed with are Tab Benoit, and Ronnie Earl. The band he played with in Florida, The Regulators, opened for WC Handy award winners Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers and Chicago queen of the blues, Koko Taylor.

Mighty Blue holds the honor of being Bobby's first band in Knoxville, joining in 2011. Bobby and Joel Seaton have been the nucleus of Mighty Blue since teaming up! Bob also drums/fills in for the Knoxville-based groups Left Foot Dave & The Magic Hats (Horn Blues), Mystic Rhythm Tribe (fusion blues rock), Spectrum (fusion jazz)The Reigns Band (classic rock and originals), Groove Junction (soul, rock and blues), James Seaton Trio (Acoustic Oldies), COS Band (Country rock), Juke Joint Drifters (Southern original rock), Elixir (Latin, jazz and pop) and other local performers. 

Bobby plays Mapex Saturn V drums and Zildjian cymbals..


Michael James grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 60’s. His musical influences were diverse to say the least!  His father was a truck driver who listened to hard core country. Haggard, Jones, and Cash were regularly played. His mom loved Motown and Soul. His sister was an “original hippie” and bombarded him with Santana, Janis Joplin, CCR, and all the bands of the day.

Michael started playing music to Led Zeppelin and the hard rock bands of the 70’s. He first played drums, then guitar and finally bass. Although he loved BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and such, it wasn’t until the 90’s that it all came full circle when he moved to Knoxville and he fell in love with the Blues.  He found that most of the music he grew up with was based on The Blues.

In 1995, he attended the inaugural event "The Sassy Ann's Blue Jam" and was a regular attendee, sometimes co-hosting, and eventually recording and producing "The Best Of Sassy Ann's Blue Jam" in 1998. It contained a cut from almost every Blues player in town at the time. So whatever style he is playing, the blues groove is gonna find its way into his music.

He also co-founded several other Knoxville bands such as Rollin' and Tumblin' (Delta Blues), The James Seaton Trio (Acoustic Oldies), Jameson Rising (Acoustic), and Groove Junction (Blues, Classic Rock)

Michael plays a G&L Legacy, and a Gibson re-issue Goldtop through a Rivera Venus 3 combo amp.

Jaimie Cameron-Guitar/Vocals

Jaimie Cameron is a Chicago born guitar player, singer and songwriter with over 50 years of experience. He was the band leader for Slow Blind Hill, a Knoxville based Blues band, for 20 years, releasing 3 studio CD's and 1 live CD. He also has tenure in The Ray Brooks Orchestra, Jacqui and The Tumblekings, and Funky Bizness, among other bands as well. He currently works with Soul Connection and Dwight Hardin and Think Twice, two of Knoxville's top bands. Mighty Blue is honored to have him join our family. His Blues licks and slide guitar are just what the doctor ordered. 

Jaimie plays Collings guitars and Fender amps.